Bountiful Apples on tree
Why Bountiful Apples?:

This compact variety pollinates freely, does not suffer from mildew and is heavy cropping. The fruits are pale green, striped with orange to red and they store well. Fruit is sweet and juicy and retains its shape when cooked.

The History:

Bountiful was bred about 40 years ago at the East Malling Research Station in Kent, reputedly from a Cox’s Orange Pippin, which is a supremely tasty apple for dessert – at any time of day! and a Lane’s Prince Albert which, like Bountiful, stays in one piece when used as a cooking apple.

Bountiful apple Trees- bear flowers early to mid season. To give a good crop of first rate apples, a suitable pollinator is needed in the area.

A good garden apple tree and of significant importance is that it is a disease resistant variety.

Ways to Use Them:

Good for cooking