Why Grenadier Apples?:

If you want an early-season English cooking apple, this is the one – good flavour for all sorts of culinary uses.

The History:

England is the only country where a major distinction is made between cooking and dessert apples, but these days only one variety remains to maintain the tradition of English cooking apples – the famous Bramley apple. However before the supermarket era the choice was wider, with a whole range of culinary or cooking apple varieties grown, each with their own characteristics and season. Chief amongst the early cooking apples is Grenadier, which ripens by mid-August in the UK.

Not much is known of the origins of Grenadier, but it was discovered during the mid-19th century in England and was quite widely grown by the end of the century.

Ways to Use Them:

Good for cooking, juice,jams and purees.