falstaff apples on tree

Why Falstaff Apples?:

Falstaff is crunchy and juicy straight from the tree, with light cream coloured flesh. It mellows and softens somewhat as it ages, but remains juicy, in our experience this is also an apple which almost everyone really enjoys, from the conoisseur to those who profess not to like apples – it does everything you expect an apple to do.

The History:

In apple terms Falstaff is brand-new – it was developed in Kent in the 1980s. For modern growers appearance is of great importance, and there is no doubt that Falstaff is a very attractive apple, reasonably large in size and with a lovely red flush over a golden yellow background.

Falstaff is another variation on a familiar modern theme – growers attempting to improve on Golden Delicious. Whilst Falstaff probably owes its size and yellow background colour to Golden Delicious, when it comes to flavour it really takes after its other parent – James Grieve, a juicy and pleasantly acidic apple which arose in Scotland in the 1890s.

Ways to Use Them:

Good for eating and for juice.